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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of snow. >> this is indeed an old dominion storm. but in maryland we'll see some significant snows. what we know about the storm. a couple of things we know for sure and we've known all week. it's going to be a cold, dry, fluffy snow. and that will get us more snow. more bank for the buck so to speak. the time frame is 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on saturday. that's when the heaviest snowfalls south of town. and don't try to drive south on i-95. it's going to be a mess. south of fredericksburg, not the place to be. here's where the storm is now. we tracked it all week across the country. heavy snow from middle tennessee to kentucky. it's going to slide a little further south and come back to the northeast as we go through the night hours and daytime hours tomorrow. 54 tomorrow.
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26 today. 25 in frederick. we may have to break out the. a flight was diverted to jacksonville, florida, because a passenger was an apparent match to the terrorist watch list. law enforcement officers are looking into whether the passenger is a suspected terrorist. according to a report, that flight originated in newark and was bound for bogota, columbia. about a half dozen students are in huge trouble. the students at churchill high in potomac are accused of hacking into teachers' computers and changing the grades. >> reporter: that's right, leslie, the administration is urging teachers to change passwords more frequently. they are also thinking about loading new security software
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on to the computers. software that would prevent you from loading a usb drive into the back of the computer. there really is a lot of kind of disgust and surprise among the students and the parents. this is a school that has always had an outstanding reputation. but what shouldn't be surprising is how easy it is to do. you gaggle the word key logger and come up with thousands and thousands of sites with spyware. you can put it in the back of anybody's computer and log every key stroke that they make into that computer. so it's pretty easy then to figure out what the password is. and once you have the password, you can get into the grade book and change the grades. we're talking about the possibility of 30 students getting grades changed here.
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what surprised a lot of the students and the big question is why would they do this? >> i guess some people really stress out over their grades or it's an easy way out. some kids like to joke around in class like that and say i'll switch your grade to. to impress. it's pretty shameful. the police department school resource officer here at churchill has been involved in interviewing the students. we're talking about five that apparently knew about it. how many were actually participants in the plot, we don't know at this point. despite the fact that the police officers involved in the interviews, it's not clear if there are going to be any criminal charges. school charges are likely to be very, very serious. almost two years to the date of a terrible accident that killed eight spectators at an illegal street race. one of the drivers involved has
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pleaded guilty. he has accepted responsibility for driving one of the car that is struck a crowd of nearly 200 people. they were watching illegal races on indian head highway. as part of the plea bargain, he'll spend the next 15 years in prison. >> i have kept him in my prayers no matter what. they're young. and accidents happen every day. i'm sorry. accidents happen every day. >> we thought 15 years seemed to be sort of a reasonable median there for what the plea would work out to be. >> the trial of the second driver in the deadly street racing accident is set to begin on monday. we've got a new recall to tell you about. honda is recalling more than 600,000 hatch backs. the recall impacts 2007 and
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2008 models. a glitch can allow water to get inside the power window mechanism, causing components to overheat. toyota has figured out how to fix the sticking gas pedals. and they are relaying the information. it led to a huge recall. president obama is counting on tax breaks and other new policies to get americans back to work. he rolled out the new plan in baltimore today while speaking to house republicans. he's proposing a tax of $5000 -- a tax credit for new employees that businesses higher. after the announcement, the president and several gop lawmakers had vigorous
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exchanges. >> in the name of every struggling company, the kind of across the board tax relief that republicans advocated, that president kennedy advocated and president reagan advocated and has always been the means. >> it could be greater tax cuts for people who are making a billion dollars. i may not agree to a tax cut for warren buffet. >> some republicans are highly critical of the stimulus packages. they have attended ribbon cutting ceremonies for projects funded by the stimulus funds. president obama says the proposal will benefit businesses and encourage them to expand and create new jobs.
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questions over the case of a boy killing a pregnant woman. there's no question if he did it. but there is a case that will be tried. and later, the super bowl add controversy. to area or not air. cbs has made a decision. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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>> we are back and talking about the traffic. tell us about the slowest stretch out there. >> reporter: well, i think 270 has to take the cake for this one. bumper-to-bumper traffic and it starts in rockville and doesn't end until clarkburg. no accidents. just a lot of friday night volume. same story on 66. lots of traffic going westbound and eastbound. no crash activity to report.
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drivers pick up the pace after that. the slowest traffic is i-95 in virginia from wood bridge past dale city. leslie, back to you. >> you can get tax help now on saturdays. the trick's irs taxpayer center is expanding to taxpayers who qualify for the earned income tax credit. the extra days and hours are being added at the walk-in offices for people who make less than $48,000 a year. go to our website, and click on living smart. washington says goodbye to a radio legend. first, here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. the saints are bringing hope to their devoted fans in new orleans, rooting for a
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more breaking news on the diverted flight to jacksonville, florida, we told you about. the passenger in question on that flight is not a match to the name listed on the terrorist watch list. apparently, they said earlier that the flight was diverted because they thought there was a match. more to come on that later on on 9 news now. >> should a 12-year-old be charged as an adult. that's the question before a judge in lawrence county, pennsylvania. jordan brown was 11 when prosecutors say he shot and killed his father's pregnant fiancie. if tried as an adult, he could face up to live in prison. if tried and convicted as a juvenile, he could not be held beyond 21 years of age. a status hearing will resume next month. the verdict is in for the
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man who admitted that he killed a doctor who performed late term abortions. the jury in kansas took only a half hour to reach the decision. >> we the jury find the defendant scott roeder guilty of the crime of first-degree murder. >> he shot dr. george tiller point-blank inside a church. he said he was justified because he was preventing the doctor from performing more abortions. the jury didn't buy it. he could be paroled after serving 25 years. the saga after the crash landing drags on. who owns that rock that dropped from outer space. >> reporter: the fuss is about this little meteorite. the agreement over who has the right to keep the rock after it fell a week and a half ago is now in limbo. the dispute is between the
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tenants and the landowners. this attorney says finders keepers. the doctors are the legal owners. >> dennis the menace throws a baseball through a window and mr. wilson has to repair the window and the baseball is his unless he wants to give it back. >> reporter: the landowners are claiming ownership. >> we got an e-mail that said the brother of the mainland lord that we deal with as a tenant was coming to the smithsonian to pick up the rock and take it home. >> property owner e-mailed 9 news now a letter in which the museum references your meteorite. he believes that means he's the owner. but the smithsonian refused to comment on the ownership battle. the rock remains at the museum of natural history. that's where we took it to
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verify it's authenticity. data results of the meteorite are expected to be determined on monday. last night at 11:00, we told you about a controversy surrounding a gay dating super bowl ad. we learned that cbs has rejected their ad but will run an ad showing christian college football star, tim tebow. do you think this is a double standard? let us know. a radio legend in d.c. signs off. >> there comes a time when you got to move on. >> that's right. donnie simpson is moving on from the wpgc morning show. it was an emotional farewell. he says his coworkers and listeners are like family. >> we've spent so many mornings together over the last 30 plus
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years. i had a listener call in crying. and this is so hard for me. your voice has always been there in the morning. i feel the same thing. >> he's not retiring. he's just moving in a new direction. and as a special treat, he treated all of them that showed up to lunch. look at that crush of folks. let's say the tab was huge since more than 1000 people showed up to say goodbye. >> e it's not going to be the same. >> nope. >> well, we got snow to talk about. >> we do. >> definitely cold. >> fluffiest snow we've seen in some time. and that's the deal. the farther north, the less fluffy snow you have. and i would stay off 95 southbound. i just tweeted about that. it's a mess tomorrow.
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heaviest snow for the metro area will be between noon and 6 p.m. upper 20s on sunday. we bounce back with sunshine. and then we bounce back on monday to the upper 30s. is this a tough call? i just split it. on average it's a 4.5. if you're in frederick, it's about a two. if you're in southern st. mary's county, it's probably an eight or nine. you folks to the south, it's an eight. this is a very, very good storm for the you. a lot of times you get cheated. not this time. a trace to 2 inches from the montgomery county line. and two to four in the metro area. and it's going to be so dry. i would recommend a broom. and four to eight through charles county, st. mary's county. and calvert county. and eight plus south of that. and as you get into roanoke.
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and we're taking the bands all the way to the coast. sometimes you get cheated. it will snow all the way to the ocean. thickening cloudiness, very cold. light snow possible well south of town. if you want to do something tonight, you'll be fine. 14 to 22 for the lows. winds north at 10. 25degrees in laurel. even down in leonardtown, it's 27. the cold air is here. it's hard to believe we were 54 yesterday. mainly light snow. main lie light snow south of town. we might not see anything north of town until about 11:00 or 12:00. and metro, two to four. high temperatures will struggle to get out of the teens. we talked about this all week. 20 to 25 for the highs. winds out of the north at about 10. here's the storm. the snow is moving right along
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i-40. and the storm itself is going to skirt right along just north of the gulf of mexico into southwestern georgia and off the coast. there's time for it to go a little furtherer to the north. we'll watch it over the last couple of runs. we've seen the increase in precipitation. we'll watch over the next 24 hours. right now a massive storm through sections of arkansas and tennessee. we showed you a picture of nashville earlier. and it's going to get into the carolinas overnight. i just heard from someone who wants their kid to go back to galactic ford. we start bouncing back a little bit. upper 30s on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. back in the 40s on thursday. clouds come in late thursday. and right now we're setting the stage for a big rain, a massive rain, a coastal rain, highs in the mid- to upper 30s. a winter weather advisory charles county south for
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tomorrow. >> thank you. you got wizards, nets, this is going to be ugly. >> we're going to make a bonfire after we've used it so there's no record of this anywhere. if they lose this one, the shame will reach new heights. >> could the wizards lose to the worst team in history? >> and while tickling the now part of the nba. sports is coming up.
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>> it's time for nine sports. the best sports in town. >>s the hard to imagine that any team could be 10 games worse than the wizards. we will see such a team. the wizards take on the nets who are -- wait for it -- four on 40. on pace to amass the worst record in the history of nba. tonight is an opportunity to
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pick up a road win against an inferior team or a chance to embarrass themselves by handing the nets win number 5. >> looking at the schedule. we can get that one. and to me, where's your pride? the worst team in the league. we can beat that team. and we know we're better than that. >> i hope they are. they got a trade proposal for center brendan haywood. they turned it up because the blazers wouldn't give up rudy fernandez. >> they don't give you a tremendous fee for it. if you get 16 wins and may and june. the caps look to make it nine in a row against the florida panthers. they'll finish january at 12-2, and that would match the most runs in a single month in club history. of course, the idea is to peak in the playoffs, not in january.
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so what's a red hot team supposed to do? >> the guys like what they're doing, and they like winning. and that's the confidence part about it. and when you do lose, it's a real close game, and stuff happens. and we don't want that to happen. >> we don't want that stuff to happen. miguel bautista pitched in 56 games last year. georgetown has to deal with villanova, syracuse, pittsburgh, uconn. that's life in the big east. it's a killer. what do they do between now and the end of the year? they schedule duke. duke is 17-3. they've beaten the hoyas each of the last three years. both of those were in the thunder dome.
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this wasn't his idea. >> it's daunting. just because a league is so difficult. it's so rough. and then literally, smack in the middle, you have an opponent of this caliber. but it's difficult so let's play. the president will be at the game, we're hearing. the georgetown campus is all abuzz that the first fan is going to attend his first hoya's game. security will be tight so get there early. >> tim redding was in the gnats dugout, and says the bassock grooved fast ball to fast ball. he denied the charges and issued the quote of the year. i was crappy enough to do it
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without trying. down under, the final is set, roger federer barely breaking a sweat. 2-3-2. finally tonight we've seen high fives and rear end slaps. but we've never seen this. he takes the charge and instead of helping him up off the floor, lebron and his teammates hold him down and tickle him. they did not execute the wet willly which is the next step. is that weird or cute? i thought it was cute. >> kind of weird by maybe cute. >> okay. it's odd. >> even a pajama party. if next time i screw up the sports, i'm just crappy enough to do it.


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